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I don’t know about you but these days it seems to be increasingly hard to listen to the news and keep up with the fast pace of life we seem to have created for ourselves. Every morning when my alarms clock goes off, I feel as if I’ve hit the “start” button on a race that will end that night when I fall back into my bed. I find myself wondering when I ever decided that living in the madness and barely being able to keep up was a good thing! What happened to actually enjoying the moments in life?

Life passes by so quickly and once those moments are gone, we can’t get them back. Before we know it, our kids are grown and gone and we wonder why we don’t remember “the moments.”

When I look at life in the ‘big picture,’ it makes me sad to see where we, as a people, are heading. Everyone, myself included, seems to have a Smartphone attached to their body and looking at that phone seems to take precedent over looking at our kids or actually talking to each other. We seem to be growing reclusive in a sense. Do we even know or talk to our neighbors anymore? Our spouse or kids? We fight to find jobs that pay more so we can have more toys and ‘things’…but at what real expense? When will we have enough “things?” At what point will we stop running the race and look at the “moments?” And if and when we do, will it be too late?

Years ago I was lucky enough to see a performance, “Spirit,” in Washington, D.C. It stuck with me through the years. There is a profound message in that show based on a Native American Anishinaabe prophesy about “The Seventh Fire.” I encourage you to take a few minutes on your Smartphones, tablets or your computers, since they’re already in your hands, and visit the two websites below. I am listing these websites on my Links and Resources page as well in case you are struck to visit them later. But I hope you will take a moment to learn about the prophesy, of which a snippet is here:

“During the time of the Seventh Fire, a New People will emerge to retrace the footsteps of their ancestors in search of new ways to live in harmony with one another.

During this time of rebirth, humanity will find itself at a crossroads and will be given an opportunity to live a Spiritual life rather than continue to be distracted by technologies.

It is believed that we are now living in the time of the Seventh Fire, and few would deny that we are indeed at a crossroads. To make it possible to light the eighth and final fire of peace and harmony…

The time to act is now. The responsibility is ours.   

If you do not walk with the animals, you will not know them – And what you do not know, you will fear – And what you fear, you will destroy.