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…Think of what you have heard about a circle – that there is no beginning, that there is no end. But with one pebble, one stone, you have found where a circle begins, which is in the centre, and where it ends; at the shore, when its task is completed.

There are many circles in life. We must be prepared to complete one circle and then move on to the next, always getting closer to the centre – the the source of the energy, the meaning of life.

With this first circle, you will start the first step in finding your path, the step in finding yourself. Remember, do not get caught on just one circle; if you do, you will forever be going around in circles. Grasp the knowledge of that circle and then move on to the next. One day you will look up and you will be at the centre, and the mystery of life will be revealed to you.

…All beings that have been, that are in the present, and that will be born in the future; the animals, birds, insects, plants, herbs, trees, rocks, air, water, fire and earth. These are all part of creation. They are our grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers and sisters. We are all one in Spirit and Energy, we are all of the earth.

We may come in many different forms and shells. We may all have different qualities, gifts and powers. But in the end, we are all one. We are all connected to the Circle of Life. Once you understand this connection, you will come to understand the source of the power and the creator.

– Wa’Na’Nee’Che’ (exerpt from Thornson’s Principles of Native American Spirituality by Wa’Na’Nee’Che’ and Timothy Freke

Following along yesterday’s post, I feel these words are important. We are surrounded by different energies, different circles – But do we recognize this? Are we grounded in nature and do we feel these energies? Or are we so busy forever chasing “the next step up the ladder” that we fail to see the ground below? That ground may become unsteady and give way if we don’t respect it and nurture it.

We are all connected with each other – People, animals, plants…all living things. We must nurture these in our lives and make them a part of us. They will guide us through the Circles of Life and bring us closer to our center.

As I look outside on this bitterly cold, winter day, I smile as the sun shines its warmth down up on me. The wind shows its strength against the trees and the animals are bedded down to stay warm. And I am thankful to feel their energy. I am thankful to be sitting here, inside my warm home, being an observer.

We are all connected.

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