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Many, many years ago I crossed paths with someone who told me stories of the southwest. Having no knowledge of the southwest or the history of Native Americans, I was curious to visit and experience it for myself. I got that chance a few years later when an old acquaintance and myself planned a trip to Arizona and New Mexico for 10 days.

That trip had a big impact on my life as I quickly fell in love with a land and a people I knew I was meant to be a part of. So began my yearly trips to the southwest and the re-birth of a photography hobby. To this day, my love of the southwest remains. Although I live on the east coast now, I know that one day I will return to the southwest to live out my days.

There is an energy there like I’ve never felt anywhere else. The land is alive as it speaks its past and its future. It draws you in.

To sit on the edge of the Grand Canyon or atop the Red Rocks of Sedona; To sit quietly and listen in the midst of tribal ruins; to watch the sunset over the desert silhouetting the saguaro; to speak with the real owners of those lands and hear their stories and their history; to taste the foods and breathe in the open air…There are simply no words. Perhaps we are not meant to speak but to listen.

I have not been to the southwest in a long time. Marriage, children, finances and obligations make my yearly trips nearly impossible these days. But as certain as I am that the sun will rise and set each day, I know that one day I will return there and be “home.”

The Colors of Sunset

Pictures cannot show the magnitude one feels standing on the edge looking out.

Sunset in Sedona