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We exist temporarily through what we take but we live forever through what we give.


Mommy, Where Does the Sun go?

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was home with my youngest, who was fighting a respiratory virus. He is two years old and has no fear! He never stops running and chasing after his two older brothers. On a normal day, he’s not the biggest snuggler and he isn’t one to sit with you a long time. Living in a house with all boys can get pretty interesting!

So when he came down with this bug and demanded that I hold him 24/7 and snuggle with him, I couldn’t say no. 

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am….well, a bit OCD….when it comes to cleaning and organizing and… ok, just about everything else! So it was more than a little difficult to sit and hold him for days and days as I looked at things that I really needed to clean up or organize. Since I couldn’t actually do what needed to be done, I made a list in my head that seemed to grow very long by Thursday!  

I had to keep reminding myself that my sweet boy didn’t feel good and he didn’t care about the cleaning or the organizing. All he cared about was making sure he was in my arms.

One day when my boys are all grown up, I want them to look back on their childhood and say their mom was always there for them when they needed her. I struggle at times to remember this. Learning to let the dirty dishes, laundry, cleaning and other activities go and just be present with them can be hard. After all, the Magic Fairy isn’t going to sweep in and take care of the ‘work’ for me. It still needs to be completed.

But if we are not present in the lives of our kids and if we can’t take the time to hold them and make sure they know how special they are, they will seek that gratification from someone else. We need to remember those precious miracles were given to us along with the awesome responsibility of raising them and being accountable to them.   

My children are my greatest achievements in this life. They are God’s small blessings given to me and I cherish them with all that I am. Sure, I have to make sacrifices when I go to work or when the cleaning and laundry are so bad they can no longer wait. But my job does not define who I am, my children do. I am a mother before I am a career professional and I will gladly take leave from work to sit at home and love on them when they need me.

To your boss and your career, you are a number and easily replaced but to your children and your family, you are their world and irreplaceable. Be careful which basket you put first.