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…And so the river flows, following where the current takes her, but always in search of a bridge where the highway will cross over as it moves toward its final destination…

The River and The Highway – Pam Tillis

She follows the path of least resistance
She doesn’t care to see the mountain top
She twists and turns with no regard to distance
She never comes to a stop

And she rolls, she’s a river
Where she goes, time will tell
Heaven knows, he can’t go with her
And she rolls, all by herself
All by herself

He’s headed for a single destination
He doesn’t care what’s standing in his path
He’s a line between two points of separation
He ends just where it says to on the map

And he rolls, he’s a highway
Where he goes, time will tell
Heaven knows, she can’t go with him
And he rolls, all by himself
All by himself

And every now and then, he offers her a shoulder
And every now and then, she overflows
And every now and then, a bridge crosses over
It’s a moment that every lover knows

And she rolls (and he rolls)
She’s a river (he’s a highway)
Where she goes (where he goes)
Time will tell (time will tell)
Heaven knows she can’t go with him (he can’t go with her)
And she rolls all by herself
And he rolls all by himself
Fare thee well

This song from 1995 is older but it’s always been special. And the video was good as well:


In the video, a Native Elder explains what happens when two people come together as opposites. His message is well-spoken. In life, some people are Rivers and others are Highways. When they join together with their differences, they come upon junctions in life and they must choose the direction they will travel. Sometimes they will continue to travel together and other times they must travel alone, in the hopes of reconnecting further ahead on the path.

For some those journeys alone are very short; for others they are far too long. Ask yourself, are you the River or the Highway? Me – I am the River.

The hope in the end is that the River and the Highway learn to travel side by side on their journey.