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Yesterday I took the day off from work to deal with some maintenance issues at home. We have been blessed with an absolutely incredible week of weather this week – sunshine and temps around 80 degrees. So, while I was at home, I opened the windows to let in the fresh air and sorted through some piles of miscelaneous ‘things’ that accumulated over the winter months.

I am always inspired when the warm sun of spring returns and nature begins to bloom and come back to life. I come out of hibernation filled with energy!

I had a small window of time to myself in the late afternoon before dinner and decided to pick up a book that had been patiently sitting on my bookshelf for almost a year waiting for me.

I sat in a comfortable chair by an open window hoping to get at least a chapter in before someone called to me from downstairs needing help. I was amazed when I’d read three chapters in no time at all! I was hooked and couldn’t put it down!

After putting the kids to bed, I went back to reading last night and finished the book by midnight. I was beyond tired but I wanted to finish this incredible book and I am so happy I did.

I awoke today thinking about the story I’d read and I’ve spent my day telling my co-workers and friends about the book’s important message and recommending it to them all.

Look, I realize we all have our own beliefs and different religions play a part in how we think about things or don’t think about them. But I have always believed that our Spirit lives on after we leave this earth. And I believe that we all have the ability to communicate with those who’ve crossed over but some of us are better tuned in than others to do it. Life doesn’t end when our body dies in this life. Our Spirit continues on to the other side. And I am always comforted by the signals and words of those who have crossed over.  

Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

“Heaven is For Real” by Todd Burpo is a book based on a true story. It is written by a pastor who is also the father of a young boy, Colton. In 2003 Colton, almost 4 years old, became very, very sick and was close to death. He underwent emergency surgery and for several months after he recovered, his family was unaware that he’d experienced something.

However, as all young and innocent children do, Colton began talking about things he’d experienced in the hospital and explaining things in great detail. Only what he was saying he’d have no way of knowing. Things an almost 4 year old child wouldn’t comprehend. How could he possibly know the things he was talking about? Over several months Colton’s parents would ask open-ended questions and Colton would answer…explaining how Jesus came to the hospital and stayed with him. How he’d sat on Jesus’ lap while the angels sang to him. How Jesus took him to heaven and showed him the colors, the angels and more. He met his sister (that he never knew he had) who died as a result of a miscarriage. He met his grandfather who died years before Colton was born. And he told his father about the war that is coming and how his dad will have to fight in that war when Jesus comes back to earth. For those paying attention, that means this war will occur in our lifetime.

Don’t worry, I still haven’t given the book’s story away. But I can tell you that the words of this 4-year-old boy really touched me. How often in life do we dismiss what children say? We think we have nothing to learn from them and they have much to learn from us. But the reality is we are the ignorant ones. Our minds are closed off. We are set in our ways and our beliefs and we have no clue what lessons we are missing out on. Children have much to teach us if only we’d open our minds and our hearts and listen!

I believe Colton and what he experienced. I believe there are other children out there who’ve had similar experiences or who’ve communicated with those in Spirit. Some of those children are made to feel they are imagining their experiences, they didn’t really happen. Children’s minds are not like ours. They are open without walls and experiences that close their third eye. As adults we’d do well to stop and listen when our children speak. Don’t tell them their experiences are not real…hear their words. 

I believe Colton because when I was young, I had experiences with those in Spirit. People didn’t believe me. But I believe Colton. His message is very important and I hope you will give his story a chance…learn from him.