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Anyone who knows me knows that I live for warm, sunny days when I can feel the earth’s energy. There’s something about the warm sun that makes me feel alive and gives me the desire to get outside. So being blessed with a very warm and sunny spring has been a real treat for me! I know the rainy days are a necessity, but I always seem to slow down.

We haven’t had much rain in my area; in fact, we are below average already. But this weekend has brought us some much-needed rain and for as much as I love the sun, I guess it’s time to balance out with some vital water to replenish!

The temps have dropped a bit but I am still able to open a few windows. I can tell you there is nothing quite as peaceful as sitting or laying near an open window and listening to the rain come down. It’s even better when my boys are consumed in an activity somewhere else! I can close my eyes and let go of all the thoughts circling around in my head. My windchimes sing with the breeze as it gently blows in and the rain drops let me drift away….and I relax.

Rainy days like this remind me of an old song by Edie Brickell…perhaps you know it? I live for times like this…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnKlxYyuUJQ