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Dreams are simply well laid plans of the subconscious mind, which is patiently waiting for the chance to put them into action. And if someone or something is in your dreams, then maybe you are telling yourself something you shouldn’t ignore.

I haven’t written here in quite some time. It seems I allowed the daily chaos of life and routines and self-created responsibilities to drag me away from the things that ground me and center me again – writing being one of those things.  Black Wolf’s song came to me the other night and reminded me that I’ve been away from the fire circle too long.

I am learning that our dreams are more than random thoughts or stories. Perhaps if we stop and really think about their messages, we will receive the guidance our subconscious is sending us. I believe if we stop and listen to the messages in the stillness, we will stop walking through life blindly and instead follow the path previously laid out for us. The task is not easy but I am willing to take it on.

When you run non-stop and never take the time to ‘just be present’ with the stillness and the world around you, you come to the edge of a cliff. And if you can’t step outside yourself and your self-created chaos to see how far off the path you have strayed, you will fall. It’s a long way down and it’s a hard climb to get back up if you have any strength and determination left to try.

I have stood on the edge of that cliff more times than I care to recall…and I have slipped in the darkness. But I was given a soft place to fall – a place to pause and find my center again. I was lifted back to my feet and my path was shown to me once more.


The hardest step is the first one.