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If you do not walk with the animals, you will not know them. And what you do not know, you will fear. And what you fear, you will destroy. -Spirit-The Seventh Fire

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a special connection with animals – dogs and wildlife in particular. I remember as a child I was always excited to see my cousins’ German Shepherd dogs. They always reminded me of a wolf and I grew up with a special kinship with wolves so it wasn’t a far stretch to love German Shepherds as well!

My first German Shepherd was a gift from my then-boyfriend (now husband!). I named her Lakota because the name fit her to a “T”. She has always been my friend and every bit peaceful and kind to everyone who’s encountered her. She turns 12 this year and is on a steady decline with her health. But she remains just as sweet despite her pain. They don’t come any more loyal than her.

I felt it was time to start looking for a new German Shepherd puppy this year. I want my children to experience the joy of raising a puppy and bonding with that dog as they both grow up. Secretly, I am ready for a new puppy as well. A new member of the pack to love and bond with. I miss being able to take Lakota on outings and trips but her health just hasn’t allowed it. I began to look but with the knowledge that I was not going to rush into anything. When the time was right, my new GSD would find me.

Well, it didn’t take her very long to find me at all!

Meet my sweet new girl, Raven –

My sweet new girl, Raven

I spent some time researching new breeders because I didn’t want just any German Shepherd. I wanted a dog true to its lineage with a good bloodline and excellent working abilities. A dog that would become part of our family and know its place in the pack but watch over us as a true GSD will do. I wanted a GSD that I could train with and run with and take everywhere I go.I found an amazing breeder with many years in the business. Her vast knowledge of the breed, her strict standards by which she follows to breed, her excellent training skills and her entire facility blew me out of the water. We put down a deposit hoping for a dog later this year but were very surprised with a phone call last week. She was going to offer us one of her older females that she wanted to keep – a puppy we really wanted – because she felt that dog was the perfect fit for us.We met her last Friday and brought her home the following Saturday. Today is her third day at our house and all I can say is – SHE’S THE ONE! She’s amazingly smart and sweet and beautiful and just overflowing with all of the qualities I sought out. My boys are mesmerized by her and she’s so wonderful to them! She was completely unexpected but timing is everything and she found us right on time! My sweet Raven is 4 1/2 months old and she’s just amazing. Everyone should experience the joy of bonding with an animal. They have a loyalty and unfailing love and devotion I wish people had. Here’s to many wonderful years ahead with my sweet Raven, the newest member of our pack!