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I know there must be others who feel as I do…there must be.

You live your life in a sort of series of patterns that you repeat over and over. From your daily, everyday routines to your deeper thoughts and wants. Have you ever stopped in the midst of your self-created chaos and looked at yourself in the mirror and not recognized the person staring back at you? I have.

As children we grow up with limitless imaginations. Anything is possible. We learn the real truth in this life – The only limitations we have are the ones we create for ourselves. As children there are no limitations! But as we grow, the adults around us impose their limitations and our imaginations don’t reach so far. We forget that one simple truth. 

We grow into adults that wear blinders, seeing only what we’re supposed to see. We let go of the dreams that our imaginations held – We stop listening to our heart. We push through routines and obligations and responsibilities as they form patterns in our everyday lives and before we know it, we lose the person we once were. We lose the dreams and visions in our heart.

I found a quotation today and it stopped me in my tracks. It has filled my mind ever since:

The most sacred place dwells within our heart, where dreams are born and secrets sleep, a mystical refuge of darkness and light, fear and conquest, adventure and discovery, challenge and transformation. Our heart speaks for our soul every moment while we are alive. Listen… as the whispering beat repeats: be…gin, be…gin, be…gin. It’s really that simple. Just begin… again.”

–Royce Addington

If you lose the ability to stop and listen to your heart, you lose the ability to  hear your soul. You lose yourself.

Your heart and your soul are connected – they hold your dreams, your secrets, your desires, your wishes. They are limitless and bound only by the chains you allow in. Freeing yourself from those chains and allowing yourself the space and the freedom to listen to your heart…that’s the real challenge. 

Just be…gin, be…gin, be…gin. 

Close your eyes and hear the calming beat inside yourself. Fly free!