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Since my childhood I have visited a nearby farm. The owners ran into financial problems and offered to sell it to the county many years ago. The county purchased the farm and turned it into a public park where visitors may experience “life on a farm.” The farm is still in operation and they now run programs for kids, offer birthday parties, and allow you to walk around and see the animals. It’s not the same experience as it was when the family ran that farm, but I still love to visit nonetheless!

I stopped by the farm recently while I waited for my boys to finish school. I didn’t have my “good” camera with me but I had my iPhone and so I decided to capture some of what I love about that farm.

 The barns and old farm equipment are always great for the kids to look at but the animals always steal the show. They have two draft horses on the farm and while everyone runs over to see them, they always seem to be sad. Perhaps the attention gets old for them but they just don’t seem to care about the visitors. One of them caught my eye that day. I stood at the fence petting and cleaning his dirty coat.

He looked at me for several seconds, as if studying me. Then he looked down and I noticed what looked like a tear in his eye. He couldn’t speak to me with words we’d understand but he spoke through his eyes. Perhaps the eye truly is the window to the soul.