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Since I was very young, I have always collected quotes, poems and words and thoughts that captured and moved me. Many years ago Nike used to run some very cool ads and when I found them in magazines I always tore them out and added them to my collection.

I still have three of those old advertisements today. I held on to them all these years because as I’ve grown older, their messages have given me even more motivation. Trust me, I can use all the motivation I can get these days! Trying to work a full-time career in a male-dominated field while being a wife and mother to 3 very outgoing, young boys and still find time to do the things that complete me is tough!

As long as I can remember I have always been a Tomboy. I always wanted to hang out with the guys and be outside running free. I wasn’t and I’m still not the dressed up, hair primped, makeup on – kind of girl.  What the guys were doing has always seemed like more fun! Guess that’s why I am who I am today and I do what I do! Anyway, here’s one of those Nike advertisements and still love its message even today!

Did you? Did you for one moment or one breath or one heartbeat beating over all the years of your life, wish, even a little, that you could spend it as a boy? Honest? Really? Even if you got over it. Did you ever wish that you could be a boy just so you could do boy things and not hear them called boy things? Did you want to climb trees and skin knees and play third base and not hear the boys say, “Sure, play, but that means you have to be third base.” Oh, ha ha.

But did you ever wish you were a boy just because there were boys and there were girls and they were them and we were, well, we weren’t them, and we knew there must be a difference because everybody kept telling us there was. But what was it?

You never knew. Like you knew that you were a girl (you run like a girl, you throw like a girl, you girl you) and that was great, that was swell, but you couldn’t help wondering what it would be like if you…had been ….a boy.

And if you could have been a boy, what difference would it have made? Would it have made you faster, cuter, cleaner? And if you were a boy, this incredibly bouncing boy, what boy would you have been? All the time knowing no two boys are alike any more that all girls are.

So you wake up. And you learn we all have differences (yes!) You learn we all have similarities (right!) You learn to stop lumping everybody in the world into two separate categories, or three, or four, or any at all (finally!) And you learn to stop beating yourself over the head for things that weren’t wrong in the first place.

And one day when you’re out in the world running, feet flying, dogs barking smiles grinning, you’ll hear those immortal words calling, calling inside your head…

Oh, you run like a girl.

And you will say, shout, scream, whisper and call back….YES!

What exactly did you think I was?

JUST DO IT! – Nike

To all the girls out there – JUST DO IT! Don’t be afraid to play with the boys! Get dirty and be bold! LIVE LIFE!